Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Dance

My oncologist has told me that I am now at the half-way point of treatment. I'm very glad for this information, because the unknown can take any dark shape one can imagine, and I had been envisioning a chemotherapy dragon devouring much of 2012. This news also means that treatment is working, which I really didn't know a month ago. Now it appears that my last treatment will be in early March. At that point I should be tumor-free, and can begin the process of recovering from chemo. So I'm dancing a little jig. When I've finished choreographing the steps, I'll teach it to you, and you can all dance it with me.


  1. Excellent! Working is good! I shall look forward to learning the GroovyHappyJig. ("What's 'groovy?'" one of my fourth graders asked me the other day. Ouch.)

  2. I would be very happy to dance the happy jig (or any other dance) with you. I'm really glad that there is an end in sight.....

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