Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Day

Following each round of chemo, I have a mediocre week, during which my modus operandi is muddling. The next week I'm a limp rag, a thing you'd use to clean the bathtub, with hardly the energy even to resent it. Then, bizarrely, miraculously, I perk right up for a week. That is the time I try to eat right and exercise. I dance; I take brisk walks; and, this past week, I went snowshoeing in a modest way.

Rick and I spent Monday night at Mazama Lodge, a rustic structure on Mt. Hood run by the mountaineering organization with which he is very involved. It snowed and snowed while we were there, all day and all night. (Before we left, Rick would have to dig the car out with a shovel). The lodge's floor-to-ceiling windows framed a view of what looked like Russia--you could practically hear the Tchaikovsky in the background. The dark limbs of fir trees sagged under the weight of all that snow. Twice we ventured out to play, and even in our snowshoes, we sank into the powder practically up to our knees.


  1. That sounds really beautiful.

    Any advantages to the limp-rag weeks? It sounds like it could be a good excuse to just lay in bed all day long and read trashy novels (or even good ones), though dancing, and walking, and going beautiful places sounds good too.

    Has your spring term started?

  2. No advantages at all. Too limp to even read. See "A Brief but Unpleasant Disappearance" from December.