Thursday, May 3, 2012

Deported, So To Speak

I got my port removed today!

The device was surgically placed just below my collarbone back in November, prior to the start of chemotherapy. Chemo drugs are so corrosive they would burn through the smaller veins in the arm; the port allows these drugs to be infused directly onto a major artery. Here's what the port looked like while it was still in me:

And although it did allow me to communicate with the Starship Enterprise, I was nevertheless happy to be rid of the port. Its removal has symbolic importance. Some people choose to keep their ports in case they need them again in the future, but that doesn't seem like much of a vote of confidence in the immune system. Anyway, my port was sore much of the time, especially when I used my arm. Maybe it's just me, but I enjoy having pain-free use of my arm.

Rick documented today's surgery. Don't be squeamish, now!


  1. Congrats -- I had forgotten about this last bit of nuisance. I am very squeamish but I read through quite to the end and survived. But then I survived your birth, too, but that was less difficult, methinks.

    See you this weekend perhaps. Beans....

  2. way cool, jan. thanks for including the surgery shots. glad you got it the hell out, and hope you never need it again! love you.

  3. That really really looks disgusting. I would want to be rid of it too. You go, with your immune system! Yeah!

  4. I can relate to this--somewhat akin to saying farewell, after seven years, to my daughter's final g-tube: Thank you, small plastic gizmo, with all due gratitude for saving her... now, get the hell out of her life and don't come back.

  5. Your rather scary photos made me smile! Here's hoping you'll find some strength and opportunities for summer biking and hiking. You look great in your last photos!