Monday, March 5, 2012

Another Hair Out of Place

My eyelashes are down to about 10% of their original load, a condition that gives my face a vaguely extraterrestrial appearance. Having 10% of my original eyebrows turns out to be adequate, although I appear to have moved into a different demographic category, that of Women Who Tweeze. I'm happy to report that I haven't moved into the demographic category of Women Who Tweeze Off All Their Eyebrows And Then Draw Them Back On With A Pencil. That's a cultural practice that has always baffled me.


  1. I think if you do lose all your eyebrows, you should draw them on with a pencil really high up on your forehead, so you look perpetually surprised

  2. i agree with sam. it would befit you well. suzo

  3. If you do morph into a real space creature, I have always wanted to visit Saturn. Please see what you could do about that...