Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Sometime soon I am going to lose all my hair, so I decided to make the transition between long hair and no hair easier with a cut. (Three shedding cats in our household are enough). Wonderful Sabrina at Primp on 43rd and SE Division in Portland did the honors. Here are my before and after mugs.


  1. How can anyone look so good with such lovely drug induced symptoms? Jan can! You look absolutely bouncy with short hair... thoughts going your way.
    Jane, Bruce and Mr. Bento

  2. See, now, you look fabulous with short hair whereas my offspring were pleased to inform me (when I cut my hair short) that I resembled Dobby the House Elf. THAT was the look, naturally, that wound up on my drivers license for five years (there's a NH State Law requiring fugly license photos). You do look bouncy, as your above friends state, so I'm hoping you've bounced right out of the ICU by now.

  3. Your long hair photo reminds me of Grammy Ann's favorite school photos of you, I, and Charlotte . . . She always said that she liked the ones where we had really long hair . . . she always said that "you girls look so pretty" when asked why she picked those photos. I remember those photos very clearly . . . Charlotte's was from her senior year in high school, mine was from kindergarten, and yours was one where you were wearing a white dress. Odd how memories can pop up.

    Enjoy your new saucy haircut! I echo previous comments in hoping that you've been bounced out of the hospital.


  4. Wow--It's a great haircut! I like the "before" a lot too, but the after is really peppy looking.....